August 2014

July 2014 Summer is in full swing and im so grateful for sunshine and heat….living in ny, we get the gamut of weather, so i have such deep gratitude when we move into light and warmth. how are you moving into light? what makes your heart open and are you following the path that brings you to love, peace, and inner brightness? today is the eve of the new moon and im leading a trance dance tonite, with an auspicious ritual of setting new intentions. this does not mean we have be be starting something new right now, but how about changing our perspectives, our way of thinking and doing things that may have gotten us into a rut? how can we turn our point of view to positivity, changing not only ourselves, but the planet in the process? dont you notice how when you are around positive energy it brings you there too? lets be the catalysts, the light bearers to bring the change, be the change….for me it starts on the mat, but doesnt end when i roll it up…its only then i see what i can be and do off of the mat and into the world. thank you to all the yogis (whether your practice is on a mat, a dance floor, in a boardroom or in the kitchen, or anywhere else)…when we pay attention and move from our hearts, we are all yogis…share the love and your light!!

Apr 2014 For over 4 years now i have been leading Trance Dance and I continue to be inspired by the growing community that supports these incredible events. We are blessed to have the most amazing drummers, led by the incomparable Peter Dillon, who provide awesome rhythm and soul to the experience. Thank you to everyone who participates…and for those still thinking about it, NOW IS THE TIME!! Check out our new facebook page that will highlight all the upcoming events that are now all over Long Island, and beyond

…like James Brown said, “The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing…” see you on the trance floor.